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The world is
constantly changing.

If we adapt, we survive.

Being here right now means that you have a product or service that WILL help people overcome an issue or problem and you are looking to "get it out there".

The Issue


In order to get your product or service launched, you are currently facing many different options and questions:

So many important decisions and for long-term growth you will need to make the right ones.

Let me show you a better way forward.

“Maybe here in the ruins of the old world, they could start something new.”
– Kass Morgan

The solution


The Summit Series

Discovery Call

Step 1 is to connect over a video call and discuss you, your brand and your business. This will help me get a big picture of what you need and whether RekotTech and The Summit Series is what you actually need.

After this call you will have clarity around your website and software, even if it's not a fit between us.

No sales, just value-driven conversation.

gear prep

If it's a good fit and we decide to move forward the first step is a complete audit of existing systems. This is a cost/time analysis and is completed by you.

navigation and mapping

This is where some of the best work happens. I will dig into all website, CRM, and software systems your business uses and review each one in depth.

We will never fix what isn't broken, but if it's costing you time and money, we want to make sure it's the right gear for the job.

An action plan will be laid out after this step is complete.

The summit

This is where the action happens. Website build or updates, CRM system cleanup and organization, software installation and set up. All the good stuff.

The decent

This is the wrap up of the project where we celebrate all the work from the previous steps. Standard operating procedures, tutorial videos, all of the tools you need will be created or provided at this point.

(There is an option to work with me on an on-going basis if need be).

If your website was being rebuilt, this is the launch phase, the exciting part.

You probably have questions.

I'd love to spend 15-30min with you on a call to see if there's anywhere I can help best. Sometimes it's just pointing you in the right direction.

This isn't a sales call at all. This is where I get to listen and see where I can add value. If I can't, hopefully I can show you where you can find it!

zero upfront cost

Have sales rolling in before you pay for any tech or labour costs. Pay a small percentage of each sale back to RekotTech


Have a development & tech team that is highly invested in your success. Not just setting things up and wishing you "good luck".

long-term growth

We will have your back long-term when it comes to tech and development. Need extra tech help as you grow? We can help train someone for you.

ready to edit

The systems we build are always user-friendly. It should not take days of back and forth to get a small amount of text changed.

lifetime access

You will have lifetime access to our systems and software licenses for as long as we are part of your project and team.


Ready to take over everything on your own? Simply buy out the initial platform and services from us and we'll set you up with everything you need to manage it on your own.

The system


Your Tech Stack - zero upfront cost

Hosting ($240 USD per year value)
Content Management System ($1072.97 USD Per Year Value)

Your Development process - zero upfront cost

My responsibility:
Estimate pricing for Website/Storefront - zero upfront cost to you

Your content and marketing process

your responsibility:


How it works:

Ready to get started?

Have more questions?

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Web Developer/Entreprenuer

I love being outside. Give me mountains, my dogs, and some fresh air and I’m happiest. I like all thing fitness related and am a pretty active person. On the flip side I can sit down and focus on projects for an extended period of time. I like being around people, but I recharge alone and on my own.

A snapshot of my journey to here.

Automotive Technician
Marketing & Tech
Launched RekotTech

My Work

Projects I'm proud to be apart of, or have had a part of.

Current Projects

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Collaborations with Ewashen Graphics

full design/development projects

backend technical projects (no design)

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